Willis Cleaning Services.


How I created a Successful low cost Google Adwords Campaign.

Willis Cleaning Services.

Scott Willis owns Willis’ Cleaning Services, a reliable, family-run company offering expert cleaning services in Deeside and the surrounding areas.

They are a family-run business established in 2010, and they pride themselves on their many years of experience.

image of willis cleaning services cleaning a window

The Challenge

Scott wanted to increase their window cleaning customer base; however, this had to be in the areas they serviced already.

He also wanted to increase their sales of add-on services such as gutter cleaning and pressure washing, which are seasonal in their nature.

Traditionally, delivering leaflets or paying to advertise in the local free magazines would have been the usual marketing route; however, the former is incredibly time-consuming, with an enquiry level of 0.5% per thousand leaflets delivered.

Local free magazines can be costly, with a small advert costing circa £300 a month.

Neither solution was not really what Scott needed.

The Solution

A tailor-made Google Ads Campaign.

I started with a small campaign for window cleaning, focusing on one or two core search terms that I researched to ensure that prospective customers were typing these into Google.

Any new campaign is left to run for a few weeks with just those two primary keywords to see what else can be learned from actual customer searches.

Another crucial factor is budget and negative keywords.


Google loves spending your daily budget and will do it in ways you can’t imagine – IF YOU LET IT!

I optimise campaigns to get as much bang per buck, and the golden rule is never to allow Google to control it.

Over many years, I have learned to squeeze as many clicks out of a daily budget to give the maximum possible return.

Negative Keywords

Do you want to be paying for your Google ad to appear for keyword searches such as “cheap”, or “free”, or “how to”?

That’s why we have negative keywords to stop clients’ ads from appearing (and getting charged for clicks) for the wrong keywords and searches.

Transactional Search Terms

I only want clicks from potential clients ready to purchase, so I keep my keyword list short and relevant.

The Results

Client confidentiality means I cannot go into the actual pounds and pence or return on investment; however, Scott has been running adwords now for over 3 years and loves the option to turn the campaigns on and off as and when required.

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