MXD Window Cleaning Case Study

A project from 2021

MXD Window Cleaning is a family-run window cleaning business based between Harlow and Colchester in the village of Great Dunmow.

There are at least 6 window cleaners for a relatively small area, so you can imagine the competition is high.

The Problem

MXD is owned by Tristan, and through word of mouth, he asked me if I could help to get his website found for the search terms “window cleaner Great Dunmow” and “conservatory cleaning Great Dunmow”.

At the time, his website was not found on major search engines for these popular search terms.

Initial Client Meeting

Due to being a few hundred miles apart, the initial client meeting was held over the phone, and this works well for both, as a phone call is easy to fit in during a busy working day.

From this meeting, we agreed on 2 areas I could help with.


Tristan did not want or need to invest in a new website, and at the time, the website he had was only about a year old and though not perfect from an SEO point of view, it was something I could work with.

Google My Business page

Tristan also needed help correctly setting up his Google Business Page as it wasn’t showing for most local searches, which meant he was missing a lot of local enquiries for his services.

The Solution

The solution was straightforward and fell under 2 essential SEO premises: keywords and content.

The website also needed some technical improvements, which is something you don’t see but still needs to be done correctly and effectively.

Once I sorted the technical side of things, I made sure the relative keywords appeared correctly, such as Meta titles and descriptions and the page headings.

I then moved on to rewriting the entire content for the website and its pages and adding a few more extra location and service pages.

The Results

Within a few weeks, MXD Window Cleaning started to outrank the competition both on the search engine results page and the Google Business Page.

Good SEO will stand the test of time, and at the time of writing this case study (Autumn 2023), MXD is still ranking for those all-important search terms.

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